Cottage Paintings and Prizes

I entered the Limerick Art Society's painting competition last Friday with three paintings. Eleven prizes were handed out and I won two of them. Woohooo!

The subject matter was to be inspired by a photocopy of a photograph by John Grimes. After the prizes were handed out, he gave a wonderful slide presentation of his nature photography.

Judging was by our peers- Each painting was unsigned and given a number and we all got three slips on which to write our top choices. I have to say, there was some serious competition there!

Here are the two winners, painted with acrylics on 16'x20' canvas.

This last one was painted (mostly) from life at my wife's family home in the country. There's an old abandoned house at the top of the field which is covered from roof to floor with ivy. It was very interesting to paint outdoors and hopefully the weather will stay nice so I can do more of it!


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