Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twiggy the Pony

Say hello to Twiggy, so named because of her twiggy legs when she first arrived on the scene.  Pencil on paper.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Figure Drawing with the LFDS

A few months ago, I started a figure drawing group called the LFDS- The Limerick Figure Drawing Society.  We share the cost of the model and draw together for 2 hours a week.  These are some of my results from over the last couple of months. 
By the way, we'll need a new location, preferably in Limerick city.  If anyone can think of a suitable place, please let me know!

An Irishman in Bermuda...

Caribbean sunset and a Guinness...Nice.  Go here to order caricature gifts, posters, and signing boards.

Hi Mark,
Sorry for the delay in gettign back to you - we were travelling!
yes the picture arrived thanks very much & thankfully has made it all the way to Bermuda intact! Kilian (and all his friends!) loved it. Attached is a picture of him holding it & you can really see the likeness of the cheeky grin!!!
Thanks a mill & a great job.
all the best,