Thursday, January 31, 2008

Theo Jansen- Amazing Inventor!

Theo Jansen, who makes wind powered kinetic sculptures/robots. Just heard about him today. Wicked! A friend of mine has an assignment to make something like this- I'm hoping to make a herd of wind powered sheep to roam the Irish countryside...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Glad to be of service!

This was an interesting commission...The client works in Boston and had seen a caricature poster I had done of some of his friends. So he hired me to create a caricature poster for his family for Christmas. No problem.

The catch- I only had a few days! How was I going to get it printed out and sent to him in time? Here's where technology comes in. He suggested I just email it to him and he'd take the file on a memory stick to the printer for a nice big glossy print! Easy Peasy!

And his reaction to the finished product:

Hi Mark,

This is great, I love it.Thank you so much. You've really got a great talent there.
Have a great Christmas and new years.

Ah, yes! Another happy customer!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sepia Caricature Stationery is All the Rage!

Why do people love sepia tone so much? Is it because it's classier? Because it's reminiscent of a more elegant era? Maybe because it makes the image subtly more abstract?

Whatever the reason, I like doing them! And here's the latest example, finished and delivered last week!

Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Caricatures from Rob & Aileen's Wedding in Dublin!

Lots of great faces at this Dublin Wedding! Check out the two guys in red- They're musicians and starting a band, so you can say you saw them here first! I also liked drawing the two elderly aunts whooping it up with a bottle of brandy! Click on a pic for a large view...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Caricatures at Martin Guinnan's Party!

Drawn at Martin's birthday party in Ennis. He's is a professional DJ and was bouncing off the walls. That's him with the glasses holding up his Soccer Caricature! Also keep an eye out for the couple who requested a "Back to Nature" theme...Naughty naughty!

The Magna Doodle

The days after Christmas involve lots of lounging around watching TV. And thus it was that we found ourselves watching a sentimental melodrama written by Maeve Binchy whilst surrounded by childrens' toys, including the Magna Doodle! It's a clever toy which uses magnetic dust which you can move with the pen. You can't erase, though! This is of my girlfriend's father, Tom.