Gift Caricature for a Sudoku fan...

Loads of clues in this one about yer man's hobbies...
Go to to order your gift caricatures for Xmas!

Hi Mark,

Just to let you know the caricature is fantastic! Loved all the detail and likness to Dad was brilliant - especially the eyes
He really liked it and we all had a good laugh with the detail - suduko and esp the pint of Heineken!
It is now hanging up in the kitchen!
So thanks a million - was a fantastic gift to be able to give to him and we really appreciate how quickly you were able to do it

Many thanks


John F said…
Brilliant as always Dr. Heng (the whole lot of recent posts). Glad to see you still slingin' the traditional media too!

Happy Holidays to you guys - still miss you here.


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