2009 New Year's Resolutions

  1. I have a TON of caricature photos taken at 2008 weddings which I never had the time to upload, so I'll slowly but surely get them posted. I've decided to stop taking photos at weddings because it slows me down a little while drawing- Unless, of course, you request I take them. I'd actually recommend you have the wedding photographer take pictures of your guests holding up their drawings- They'll have a much better chance of being in focus!
  2. More Projects at home- Specifically paintings and copyrighted works to sell. I have a few ideas for prints in mind that have less to do with caricature specifically and will aimed at various hobby and activity markets...I'll post more about that when I have stuff to show!
  3. Get out of the house everyday with my daughter- She must be going stir crazy- I know I am! So, after her afternoon bottle, we'll head to the bank, or the library, or into town. Being an at home dad while the mom's away at work means I only get to be at the computer for an hour or two during the day...Hmmmm...


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