The Rabbit Castle- Finished!

It's finally done and hanging in my daughter's room. Painted on the closet door with acrylics.

I was inspired by one of the local castle ruins- Ireland's full of them! You can climb a hill to explore it, see the landscape through the windows, and imagine you're in the middle ages. I also thought it would be fun to try a bit of trompe-l'œil (Fool the Eye). When you stand in the right spot, for a split second you'll actually believe the window is in front of you!

If you'd like to commission a mural or painting, feel free to contact me.

Click on the pics for a large view!


That looks fantastic Mark, I think you should quit caricatures and do this full time!!!!

just kidding, about you quitting that is.
Mark Heng said…
Haha, yeah, maybe one day...Gotta get rich and famous first!
Moyse said…
Nice work Mark, great composition and lighting!
The Facelifter said…
Mark, Beautifull work amigo!
Mark Heng said…
Thanks, Dudes! It means a lot coming from yous badasses!

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