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Hi, I'm Mark and I like drarrrringggg...I live in Ireland now. Limerick, to be exact. Quite a change from Boston, but I'm getting the hang of it!

Check out my official website:

Where you'll find my caricature stuff, paintings, illustration, etc...

It's so easy to post here, so you'll see lots of sketches and party caricatures posted.


Nice work, Mark,...I enjoyed your website also! You have the accuracy and speed of an accomplished Caricaturist that will do this til on into your elder years!
I have always done this stuff at parties and out campsiting, and now that I am retired, I have to say that it has brought me more friends and to more places than I could ever have dreamed about!
I would have retired years ago, just to flit about from one festival or fair doing people's faces and having the time of my life!!
Hope you continue with your art and are able to sell some great paintings!!
I have a Blog here: and my website:
my e-mail:
Best of everything to you,..and if I do get the privilege of visiting, I will look you up in Limerick! My original family of Cullen came from Tipperary!
~~~~~~~~~John Cullen

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